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South Dakota Prairie Dog Hunting


This will be our 4th year back at Bad River Bucks and Birds for Prairie dog hunting.  The past three years were an absolute blast! This years event will take place on July 24th - July 27th. We will have access to hundreds of acres of prairie dogs with the longest shot last year of just over 800yrds!  There is also a private pond located about 600yrds away from the lodge that is stocked with bass for some high action fishing.  This is truly a flagship event you wont want to miss out on. 

Guaranteed this will be one of the most relaxing rifle hunts you have ever been on! This is that hunt that everybody is looking for…high volume shooting, no walking, numerous targets, and best of all, no early mornings!

We will have acres and acres of towns to offer you the best prairie dog hunting in South Dakota!

This is a great way to acknowledge how different guns, bullets, etc. do in wind and how they’ll perform at a variety of distances.

We will be hunting at least 3 of the 40 different towns that have been offered to us. Town sizes will vary from 20 acres to 400 acres of solid prairie dogs. Best of all we will have the possibility to shoot up to 200 rounds per day!. 

This hunt includes, 360 degree shooting benches, shooting bags, a guide that will check on you regularly.  All lodging (2 per room), meals, and beverages will be included during this hunt. 

Veterans will be responsible for their own transportation to and from the event. Lodge will be located near Draper South Dakota. Estimated 7 hours from Minneapolis Metro area and 6 Hours from the Fargo Moorhead Area.  


Veterans will also be required to have a South Dakota Predator / Varmint license. Veterans must also provide their own firearms and ammo. Calibers recommended are 17hmr , .223, 22-250, and .243 however there are no caliber restrictions to hunting prairie dogs. Shooting will range from 50yrds to as far as you think you can shoot. 

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Jul 19, 2022, 5:00 PM CDT – Jul 22, 2022, 9:00 AM CDT
Draper, SD 57531, USA
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