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Pit Properties Goose hunt November 21st & 22nd 2019

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Band of Brothers Outdoors is excited to partner with Pit Properties LLC out of Fergus Falls MN for a very unique hunting opportunity.  This hunt will take place on November 21st and 22nd 2019 and will be a full day of hunting geese.  

Pit Properties is a waterfowl guide service that specializes in full day goose hunts in luxury pit blinds.

What to expect -

The hunt will start around day break, and decoys will be set and ready when you arrive. Pit Properties LLC runs very large decoys spreads (between 40-100 dozen). They will have you settle in with a cup of coffee while the guides prepare breakfast in the blind. Pit Properties LLC blinds are located outside of Fergus Falls Minnesota. Fergus is a waterfowl refuge that hosts thousands of geese each fall. These geese fly out each day to feed. There is typically a morning flight and afternoon flight. The hunts are very interactive. You will spend the day hunting, eating, and making some new memories.

What to bring:

  • Waterfowl license (State and Federal)

  • Shotgun (in proper working condition and knowledge of use with correct plug installed)

  • Shotgun shells 3”-3.5” size 2, BB Shot. (Please make sure you have the correct shells for your shotgun)

  • Warm Clothes, Dress in layers, you will most likely need to remove your jacket as it gets warm in the blind. (You do not need to wear camouflage clothing).