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Bowfishing Midwest Minnesota

Band of Brothers Outdoors is excited to have an opportunity to be able to to take 3 Veterans out for a night of Bowfishing.   This will primarily take place in Otter Tail, Douglas and Grant Counties.  This evening trip will take place in early spring.  Dates for this event will depend on Ice out and weather conditions.  Plan will be to shove off around sunset and fish for about four hours maybe a little longer if we switch lakes.  

The Boat:

We will be fishing from a 21′ flat bottom custom built specifically for bowfishing. It is equipped with a Backwater SWOMP 35 mud motor to get us where no conventional outboard can.  The combination of a flat bottom boat and a mud motor gives us the ability to go through heavy mats of weeds and navigate in waters less than 12″ deep. This is the type of habitat where we will often find Carp.

What To Bring:

Valid MN Fishing License

Snack and Non-Alcoholic drinks

Wear clothes / shoes you dont mind getting dirty.  Long sleeves and pants are highly recommended

All necessary equipment such as bows, arrows, life jackets etc will be provided.

Types of fish:

We are not allowed to shoot any species of game fish. The rough fish we typical see in these waters are Common Carp, Buffalo, Bowfin (Dogfish), Sucker, and Bullheads. We also get Longnose Gar and Freshwater Drum, but they are only found in a few specific lakes.


All dates will be subject to change pending weather conditions and ice out.  This call will be made by the guide service and will notify us as soon as possible if there is a date change or cancellation.   Please select all dates you are available.  

April 21st, April 22nd, May 19th and May 20th

All dates are subject to change pending weather conditions and ice out.  

All veterans will be subject to military service verification.  Disabled veterans will hold priority for all events.