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Metro Goose Hunt

Band of Brothers Outdoors has teamed up with Maxxed Out Guides LLC to offer a day hunt located in the Minneapolis Metro area on October 11th. 


Maxxed Out Guides is the #1 professional waterfowl guide service in Minnesota, South Dakota, and Kansas. Hunters come from across the country to hunt giant Canada geese, ducks, snow geese and white front (speckle-belly) geese with their crew.

Maxxed Out Guides LLC. is known for their hard working, knowledgeable and personable guide staff. They have the equipment and knowledge for any hunting situation, but our specialty is dry field, duck and goose hunts over giant decoy spreads. Dry field, duck and goose hunts provide our hunters the unforgettable experience of dozens to hundreds of ducks and geese finishing into the decoy spread at one time. IT’S A RIOT!

This hunt will be a turn-key hunt, which means they do all the work!  Maxxed Out Guides LLC will provide all the equipment, scout the fields, set the decoys & blinds (before you arrive), do the calling, and more. Your only responsibilities are to have a good attitude, wear weather appropriate clothing, bring guns, license, & ammo, and have a willingness to squeeze the trigger when we say “TAKE EM!!”.

If you are selected you will need to have the following equipment:

  • ​Shotgun

  • Hunting license

  • Weather appropriate hunting clothing

  • Ammo (3’s or 4’s for ducks and 2’s and BB or BBB for geese)

  • Snacks for blind but no coolers, please only bring the minimum into the field.  NO ALCOHOL

  • Please make sure everyone in your group brings a face mask or face paint!  This is very important!

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