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Pike Fishing on Mille Lacs Lake

We are excited to announce our first ever Northern Pike Fishing event. This event will take place on March 4th near the Isle MN area in the bays of Lake Mille Lacs where we will be targeting monster pike with Tip Ups.  Tip up fishing can be some of the most exciting fishing around when you get to start chasing some flags.  

There will be warming houses on shore as well as a lunch provided during the day.  All tip ups and bait will be provided during the day as well as staff available to drill holes and help you access the lake if for some reason we wont be able to drive out. 

If you are interested in this event please fill out the form below to request a spot at what could be the most exciting event of the year. 

Veterans will be required to provide their own transportation to and from the event.  There will not be any lodging provided.  You will also be required to have a valid MN Fishing license. 

Spring Sturgeon Fishing 2024
Spring Sturgeon Fishing 2024
Apr 19, 2024, 5:00 PM
International Falls
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