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We spent the weekend at ICOG 2020.

It has been a crazy year for weather and events all around the state canceled their events. Not ICOG! Last year -50 below, this year warmth and slush but they were not going to let it stop helping our nations veterans. They donated over 34,000 dollars to Band of Brothers Outdoors. A group of people with common interests doing what they love deciding to make the term PTSD not look like a four letter word. They chose to educate and raise money to battle for those who have battled for them. Despite the others on social media attacking the no drilling zones and wondering why people would show up, Icog knows its not all about the fishing all the time, its about the people. When you catch new friends or memories or hear a story that you haven’t heard is a trophy in itself.

This year we are looking to continue our mission and connecting other veterans to one another and get them out hunting a fishing again. We were all able to hear a man stand up and share how Band of Brothers Outdoors impacted his life. Impacted not influenced or just had a fun time and can share about a hunt or something he shot. It changed his life! Thats the kind of impact non profits dream to have. Thank you ICOG and all of our sponsors and supporters. 2020 planning is in the works.

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