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Its that time of year

Its that time of year almost all of us at Band of Brothers Outdoors lives for, Fall. Hunting season. No matter what you hunt there are a few things that remain the same in our ever changing world. The leaves are crunchy on the ground, the squirrels sound like elephants trampling on them. The majestic sound of a few high flying honkers grabs our attention and pulls our eyes skyward to see a few birds soaring just above the tree tops. The snow melts and drops off the burdened tree branches and makes a sound so loud you would swear a deer was behind you. Just to be able and sit in a tree or a blind and watch nature unfold around you is a gift.

This year has been a crazy one to say the least. We wish we were able to do everything we usually can in a year but we were not. We are constantly working with land owners and farmers to get new places to hunt. We are behind the scenes still working to help our veterans. But even if we are not able to get you out on a hunt this fall, reach out to a neighbor or a buddy. Don’t miss this magical time of year, create a new memory, enjoy the Outdoors.


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