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Sunny mornings

No matter how your week has been or even your year, it seems to fade into the foggy past as the sun begins to rise on a pocket of water in front of you. The teal flying in on a 8 mph an hour south east wind sound like fighter jets breaking the morning silence. Whoa, where did they come from? it is echoed by the other people to your left or your right sharing your love of this time of year. Each one blaming each other as to why they didn’t shoot. But each one quick to claim the feathered prizes falling from the sky after a volley of shots are fired from every direction. Everyone is sure thats the one they shot at. None of that matters as the puffs of feathers drift through the air and the sound of a dead bird smacks the water sending ripples across the still glass like water. Your not at work, your not worried about your honey do list or the kids. No life‘s problems don’t disappear like the high flyers on the horizon, they will be waiting for you tomorrow. But for today enjoy the calm, lead the bird a little more and appreciate the ones around you. And Most importantly, be thankful you have found a sport that others may not see the beauty in. More birds for us. Find a puddle of treasure and take a break from your reality. If they don’t like it, Just don’t give a Quack! Do what is best for You!

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