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A New Year, really do I have to?

It has been three days into the New Year, and I don’t know about you but I haven’t done anything new. I had a bunch of plans and resolutions I would like to try. I don’t feel like even trying. Yesterday I sat and looked around and tried to figure out what went right and wrong last year and how I could avoid the same mistakes. With the recent events going on in our world it just reminds me there will always be battles for us. We might not be riding in a humvee or tank but even jumping in our car we have battles driving down the road. From people pulling out to soon and think they have the same abilities as a super hero being able to stop a sliding truck on ice. The snow, the thoughts, the things that steal are attention from whats in front of us. The truth is we are still in everyday battles and we need to still fight. From trying to get a job or your vehicle to keep working. There are people in your corner, even if it doesn’t feel like it. Fight! Fight in the new year. There are guys and gals out fighting right now for all of us. You might be one of them, or you might be a guy or gal who wishes you were doing something you used to or can’t anymore. Enjoy the freedoms we have and appreciate them. It can be so hard, I get it. I won’t lie to you and tell you I wasn’t sure I wanted 2020 to come. Another year, I have to try and get through another year? We get to, all of us. For everything we have been through we must fight. Fight to have your voice and your stories be heard. You are the reason this country is where it is today. Its because of the sacrifices and yes the stupid things we have done too, like watching your buddy at the other tower get down and take a leak so you could see it on the thermal imager. Life is hard and self reflection can be tougher than a uniform inspection in basic, your going to lose. But we all got through that. If we lose even one Veteran in a year to suicide that’s unacceptable and you have to fight for them. Suicide is Not an Option!! So lets get out there and keep fighting brothers. Reach out when you fear the new year, chances are someone is feeling just like you are or have at one point. From Band of Brother Outdoors Happy New Year, we look forward to another year of creating memories, laughter, and relationships with our friends and Veterans we haven’t even met yet.

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