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Our world is so backwards. Not like you turn your pants around backwards in the bathroom cause you lost a Dare. (Which my 14 yr old daughter did the other night out with our friends for pizza). Pro athletes make millions of dollars to entertain us. I love watching football don’t get me wrong, “go vikes” but they throw a ball, not a grenade. They put on padding for someone to tackle them so they don’t get bruised. We put on armor so we don’t bleed out. Sure they work hard conditioning their bodies and eating right. We pour a 5 hour energy into a Monster to stay awake through the night. They drive to and from the office and we drive where IED’s can explode and we may not get there. Backwards.

Heros who lose legs, limbs, brain injuries, PTSd they are not rewarded with a thank you for giving more than we could ever ask contract. They are not guaranteed a salary for 5 years. What they are guaranteed is that they will feel out of place or alone at some point. They will isolate and withdraw. Guaranteed to get funny looks or feel the need to explain what they have been through if your lucky enough to here some of their stories. People pack stadiums to hear musicians play for their voice, but we will never hear the stories of all those soldiers who served.

When was the last time 30 or 40,000 people filled a stadium for soldier who rescued his friend or prevented a terrorist attack. Last I checked we don’t do that in America.

I watched “A Christmas story” this week and reflected as the movie based before their were screens. As two kids stared at a radio listening to a program, a Christmas parade,a pot boiling on the stove and not a bag of drive thru, wow we have come a long way. Kids walking to school, hard working parents disciplining children for using bad language. These changes happen without our control. Some for the good some for the bad. There are still bullies and friends who “double dog dare” you. But paying for your kids to be in sports and then having to pay to get in and watch them. Really? Yes we are backwards. But its because of good people willing to stand up and fight for our abilities to choose and to grow. As backwards as things go, just think in your head that just because the world thinks or acts a certain way, doesn’t mean we have to. Use your skills, training, memories, and outlets to release your stress when things get you worked up or down. Call a brother or message us. We are here.

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