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Put Down The Remote

Another amazing time that can’t be compared to anything else. New adventures are often times scary and exciting at the same time. We need to break out of our safe comfort zones like a Duce and a half plowing through a puddle. Sure it’s loud and wreaks of diesel fuel, but we can get through it. And what we find is some incredibly grateful troops waiting for us. It doesn’t matter what branch you served in, you served. I can take a pair of Vets from any war or peacetime deployment for that matter and put them in a room, and they will come out friends. This past week we attended an incredible experience. I say experience and not hunt because it truly was different. The group of hosts at Bad River Bucks and Birds were like family to the few of us who were blessed to be apart of it. From the food (thanks Tarak), to the guides (Brett and Buffalo Nic) owners and their families (Ashley, Samara, and little Hank rocking his crocs) we shared so many memories that I will treasure for a lifetime. The atmosphere was so chill, and not rushed. We awoke at a reasonable time and had breakfast waiting and a hot cup of Bison Coffee. Not that front gate Folgers that you had during guard duty that seems to pour out of the pot like chunky brown gravy at Thanksgiving dinner at uncle ed’s. Then a bumpy truck ride out to the Towns for a day of relaxed shooting. Mounds upon mounds of little varmint towns with dozens of 8inch enemies barking out their displeasure with you being there. Trucks coming out to deliver fresh meals and cold beverages to keep us happy. Walking through the fields and having hundreds of grasshoppers jumping away from you as if you were wading through waves in the ocean. No waiting 10 hours in a blind to have one 2 second shot to get off, hoping you get a hit. Just rest for a minute or ten, Breathe, refocus and line up your next shot. Staring out at an incredible creation as the rolling green hills seemed to kiss the horizon. From breathtaking sunsets to rain miles away with neon bolts of lightning striking down in the distance. This was like I was hunting inside of a Field and Stream magazine. Back to the lodge to clean up with a shower some fishing on a top water pond and sharing stories about the days conquests. A dozen of the nicest dogs seemed to be there and greet you at every door you passed through. They just wanted a pat on the head or a rub on the belly. Thats really what we all want. Not literally, but seriously. We all want to be noticed, we just need that little pat on our head to know and feel that we are still valid in a world where Veterans can be forgotten or mistreated. I want every generation to know we are people who stand up for our beliefs and principals despite anything else going on in the world. We don’t need a super fancy dog bed or a role in a movie or to sleep on the master’s bed every night. We just need to be thrown a pile of rawhides in the breezeway. We slept in the dirt, starved till resupply came in and had places where the water was non potable and had to go thirsty for hours at a time. Friendships formed wether on the battle field or in the prairie dog field, matter. If you reading this and stuck in that magic chair in your living room watching shows instead of experiencing them, STOP. put down the remote and pick up you computer and register for one of our events. Band of Brothers Outdoors is waiting for you, male or female, we are all soldiers of this beautiful nation we swore an oath to protect and serve, its about time you got outside and started enjoying it.

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