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Memorial Day

Today means something different to everyone. To a grieving parent the loss of a child. Fighting the questions and the “ what if’s“ like it will help, it doesn’t but they do it anyway. Weighing the outcome of decisions made and events beyond their control. Proud of a soldier and a hero to our nation. To a widow or widower a feeling of a complete loss of a best friend and soulmate. A lonely time juggling parenting alone and grieving themselves. To a child a loss of a parent and always questioning why. Growing up with out that person and having to learn about them through stories and photos instead of knowing their embrace. Reaching milestones in thier lives without that special person to share it. To a sibling who lost a brother or a sister I can’t imagine. Siblings are often referred to as the lost grievers. People often forget about them and the feelings they have. The constant competition between their life and the life of the lost. To a living and breathing soldier who lost a brother, a huge weight of survivors guilt, perhaps grateful, perhaps angry. And all feelings are justified. We all have our own experiences and feelings of the past. No matter what your expectations are for the day, go easy. Know you are not alone, keep saying their names that is how we honor them and keep them alive in our hearts. Tell your stories even if they are painful it brings joy even through the pain. We all know the sacrifices that are made so we can live free. We see a flag covered casket or hear the sound of taps on a trumpet and a chill goes through our spine. Even if the rest of America thinks its just an extra day to hang out or bbq we are there with you sharing in your loss and appreciative of the sacrifices of those who have paid the ultimate price. Band of Brothers Outdoors would like to say thank you, not to the veterans but to the grieving families and to the empty seat at your table. Memorial day can be hard, but the price they paid was harder.

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