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This past event was another successful time of not only harvesting some animals, but creating new friendships and most of all meeting some new Brothers. The Ranger got a workout. We teamed up with the LeBlanc’s Family to help thin the doe population on their land. They normally do not allow anyone to hunt on their property. We were very humbled and excited for creating a new friendships with all of the family. The LeBlanc’s were so friendly and gracious to us. We were able to visit and chat at dinner Friday evening and meet 3 generations of hunters. This is one of the only weekends they stop the business and hunt. One of the owners Joe told me they harvest between 30,000 to 40,000 pheasants a year. Its an incredible number and I don’t doubt it as I watched many roosters glide across the sky and land into the corn that stood like towers. The colors of the roosters almost glowed against the fresh white dusting of powder that came during the evening. The sounds of the birds all around was like a chorus of nature welcoming us. We ate very well as Mike was at the helm of his cooking ship. He is a BBQ guru and did wonders with the meals. We had everything from brisket chili, to some snicker pancakes that were unforgettable. We hung around the campfire and stories were told about the events of the day and who saw what. Jordans Buck story was fun to hear again as well as animated as ever. We got to explain to a new group of guys “Time Sensitive”. Lots of does and many bucks chasing after them. We had one Vet who had never deer hunted before and was able to not only get his first deer, but his second as well. He had a smile on his face like a kid on Christmas morning.

The accommodations in the lodge were great and it was so awesome to have a place to clean up and nice bed to rest in. We set up blinds and had a couple of elevated stands to use as well. Each one equipped with a heater to keep everyone nice and warm. I watched as an Bald Eagle landed and munched on the leftovers of the day before’s kill. Nature was everywhere on this majestic place and one guy saw over 30 turkeys. One Veteran decided not to take a deer but had several opportunities. He said he was here for the fellowship. A few Vets watched as a monster buck strolled through the parking lot with his doe. But one of my favorite parts of the weekend was hearing one of the LeBlanc brothers tell his Bear story, priceless. Once again just want to thank the family and our Guests for attending and and making it a quality event.

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