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Why do we live here?

Winter is a season that if you don’t fish or snowmobile it may be a little depressing. We have a group heading out for out first winter camping trip. But the snow blowing, come on. The wind shifts and its like mother nature is hurling fists full of snow cones at you while gasp for your next breath hoping you can keep breathing. Meanwhile your fingers are like ten popsicles holding your gloves on. All of the months of the white blanket covering the hiding lawn can seem like it takes forever to melt. Don’t get me wrong this week has been beautiful the way the trees look like they have been dusted by a seasoned baker in a pastry shop. The branches seem to hang down and cradle the snow with out snapping. The large fluffy snowflakes the size of waffles floating down from the sky. The squirrels seem so dark and mystical as they dart back and forth hunting for food. The bright red cardinal against the white backdrop looks like a blinking neon Vegas sign. The outdoors are beautiful no matter what time of year. We just have to look for the good in things. Enjoy whats around you and try to push through those bouts of the blues. Soon the sun will be out more and the white will turn to green. I know for some of us the weather doesn’t matter and sometimes we seem like nothing will fix our current situation. Just know we are a group of guys that get it. We have our highs and our lows. We know dark. I am talking a mile down in a cave dark with no outside light shining in. But you can bounce stuff off each other and share those things most people would cringe at or perhaps even run. Reach out even when you don’t want to. Put it for a trip of something you have always wanted to try or couldn’t even see yourself doing. Its not about the harvest, it is more about the hunt. Open your shades and keep fighting.

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