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Lockdown should be a movie not a lifestyle reality.

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

As the days continue to slowly creep by and the news of an extended “home lockdown” has been announced by the govenor the reality is setting in. But we are Veterans!

We have been through worse. We have been trained to hurry up and wait. Try to think of this as just another charlie foxtrot by some butter bar LT (no offense). We have all been there where we have to stand around and wait on something that makes no sense to us, even if we can see a better or more obvious solution. “Muster in the parking lot over there”. What does muster mean, who knows but we know how to do it. I personally struggle with the stay home order and the media. As a police officer for many years I learned the media usually has its own spin on most storylines. I don’t like to be told what I can or can’t do. But I realize this is how we can help, but I don’t have to like it. I can’t tell you what to expect the next few weeks or how or why this started. It is so hard to sit back and not do things! My wife and daughter and I have been clearing trees and small brush from our yard. I have got a bunch of projects done and come up with a list I find I did not know I had. The point is there are many times throughout the day where I curl my toes in frustration or shake my leg because I am so annoyed with the boredom. Its normal. Don’t walk to the pantry and eat because your bored. Plan ahead for the things we can control. Try not to say no if your kid asks you to do something they pick. Even if I don’t want to do it or it doesn’t sound fun, I try to give in these days. And I try not to think about losing my son every minute of everyday. If your home and it sucks I get that it, but be thankful for the crazy. Be thankful that you get to be with your family. Be thankful you are not out on the frontlines. And if you are THANK YOU!! We are proud of each and everyone out there. We all know what it is like to serve. A lot of times there is no thank you and thats not why we do it. We want you all to know at Band of Brothers Outdoors we too wish we were socializing with you and not social distancing from our brothers and sisters. Although we can’t gather we can reminisce of the trip or trips we have had together and look to the future events. Be mindful of the cluster we are ALL in and check on your people. Reach out to those you haven’t in years, and your regulars. We will get through this and we will all be there to create some new memories down the road. Be thankful, embrace the suck, and know we are here for you.

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