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Reaching out

Reaching out, this is something that can be hard for all of us especially Veterans. We love the idea of hanging out with other Vets and doing different things. The problem is we have to sometimes open doors we don’t want to. Here at Band of Brothers Outdoors you don’t have to open that door if you don’t want to. We just ask you to put your hand on the door handle. It will open when you are ready. This past weekend I watched as a soldier’s from generations apart chatting over their branch of the military. We give each other a hard time over who's branch was better who had it tougher. We smile as we hear the bases we both attended or places we have been. The Army’s green watery runny eggs that seem to crawl across the plate like a snail or the the light and fluffy made to order omelettes in the Air Force that were as soft as the pillows. The truth is it is a shared experience between Brothers. We would relieve each other on a post or bs around a campfire, but would rather battle our battles alone. We didn’t train alone or go through things alone. There were usually brothers and sisters on either side of us. Things don’t change between now and then for those in the military. Most are able to pick up where we left off. This morning I did some FB trolling as if I was going up and down Walleye alley hoping for a strike. I saw a picture some posted as a tribute to a veterans on Veteran’s Day. I wasn’t in the photo but a few guys commented on it. I had this longing as I saw faces I had not seen in decades. So I searched for a few of them. Perhaps I will get a response or maybe it will be another screen they flip through. What matters is we are still reaching out, not only to reach others but to help ourselves. We can’t win battles alone, and know one knows there is a fight going on if you can’t tell them. I dare you to text or call a brother or sister you served with today.

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